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Greenplate Shines at Caravan Industry Association National Conference

A Resounding Success and Exciting Innovation in BBQ Technology

The recently concluded Caravan Industry Association National Conference 2023 held at the RACV Royal Pines Resort proved to be a resounding success for Greenplate, as the event witnessed the largest turnout in its history. Greenplate a leading provider of innovative and sustainable outdoor cooking solutions, had the opportunity to connect with both familiar and new faces, showcasing their cutting-edge electrical BBQ range.

The conference provided an ideal platform for Greenplate to strengthen relationships with existing customers, while also warmly welcoming new customers into the Greenplate family. Engaging with the caravan industry’s key players and enthusiasts proved to be a rewarding experience, fostering fruitful conversations and collaborations.

One of the highlights of Greenplate’s participation was the introduction of their latest ground-breaking innovation: the worlds first 24v DC BBQ, powered directly from battery sources. This innovative BBQ proved its mettle during the conference by effortlessly catering to the culinary needs of hundreds of attendees. Serving up delicious sausages on the resort’s lawn on the event’s final day, this showcased the potential of sustainable and efficient cooking solutions.

The overwhelming response received from conference attendees further solidified Greenplate’s commitment to supporting the caravan industry. The team at Greenplate eagerly anticipates next year’s conference, eager to build upon the success achieved and continue contributing to the advancement of cooking technology in this remarkable industry.

Greenplate’s presence at the Caravan Industry Association National Conference 2023 not only allowed them to display their innovative electrical BBQ range but also enabled them to forge meaningful connections and contribute to the growth of the industry they are proud to support. As a forward-thinking company, Greenplate remains dedicated to providing sustainable cooking solutions that meet the evolving needs of the caravan and outdoor enthusiast community.

The success and positive feedback received from the event reaffirm Greenplate’s position as an industry leader, constantly striving to revolutionize outdoor cooking experiences through innovation and environmental consciousness. With the launch of their world-first 24v DC BBQ. Greenplate continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, inspiring others to embrace sustainable practices in their everyday lives.

In conclusion, the Caravan Industry Association National Conference 2023 was an incredible experience for Greenplate, marked by record breaking attendance and the unveiling of ground-breaking technology. The event served as a testament to Greenplate’s dedication to providing innovative, eco-friendly solutions for outdoor cooking. As they eagerly await the next edition of the conference, Greenplate remains committed to shaping a greener, more sustainable future for the caravan industry and beyond.