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Greenplate® Smart BBQ

Greenplate are Extremely Proud to have installed the first connected Smart BBQ at Golden Beach, Caloundra – Queensland.

The Greenplate Smart BBQ range runs on the new NB-IOT network which allows the BBQ to transmit a number of different data packets back to a dashboard.

The Features Include:

Fat Bin Sensor (Automatically notifies the system when fat bin has passed its determined set level).

Door Sensor (Determines access and if cleaner has opened)

BBQ power usage (Can be displayed in graph or simple Kw/H).

BBQ Fault Detection (Can determine what fault has occurred and how to repair with automated notifications). Saves an electrician having to diagnose the issue, then order parts and then return to repair. An employee can determine the fault order the part and send out the person to repair it in one trip.

BBQ Temperature Remote Adjustment (Be able to remotely adjust the temperature of the BBQ in case cleaner has turned down and not turned up or respond to a call from the public saying it is not hot enough).

BBQ Lock Down Feature (Remotely be able to switch off the BBQ by shutting down the switch, this feature is best used during events or even if BBQ’s are not needed after a certain time). This feature will also be able to have a schedule included so users are able to have a BBQ shutdown every day for example at 9 pm and turn on at 6 am.

BBQ Usage (The amount of time the BBQ has been used this can be adjusted to display per day week month or year via a pop-up calendar). Perfect for determining asset requirements in parks if it’s not being used move it on, if it’s being used to much purchase another unit.

Email Notification (Users have the option to allow email notifications, certain emails can be assigned to different BBQ’s e.g. different people looking after different regions).

Report Options (BBQ history reports can be generated showing amounts of faults with BBQ’s in certain areas or in the entire council over certain periods of time). Voltage reports can also be generated to show power trends in certain parks e.g. voltage spikes or irregular line voltage.

Tripped Breaker Detection (The device can determine whether an RCD/MCB has been tripped and with an inbuilt battery backup can notify the system to switch it back on).

Retrofit Capability (This device can be retrofitted to any BBQ in the field reducing the outlay for customers wanting to upgrade to this Greenplate system).