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Meticulous Attention to Detail

… on Every Solar BBQ

Every Greenplate Solar BBQ System is specifically designed to suit the requirements of its environment.

If the area chosen is susceptible to vandal attack, we use Thin Film Solar Arrays for their phenomenal durability. These arrays are also excellent in less sunny conditions and perform really well in low light. In other, more controlled areas, we can use more conventional, glass/monocrystalline panels which have the advantage of needing less area. The array can be mounted on an existing structure or we use our own, purpose designed, 6m X 6m skillion roof Solar Shelter.  

Every battery system is designed to ensure there is plenty of storage capacity to keep the barbecue going even in the poorest of weather conditions.

The stainless steel enclosure and hotplate are all premium, food grade and backed by an industry best lifetime structural warranty.

Every Greenplate Solar BBQ is designed to give many years of trouble free cooking pleasure where mains power is not available.

Now THAT is Cooking with Sunshine!

Remember: if it’s Greenplate it’s Great!

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