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What Are the Benefits of Retrofit BBQ’s

Retrofitting BBQ’s and the benefits

Over the years Greenplate have retrofitted an abundance of BBQ’s across the country. Retrofitting is the best way for BBQ owners to upgrade their old and outdated cooking facilities at a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing an entire new bench.

Greenplate BBQ’s were the first on the market to be able to retrofit into existing competitors BBQ benches. Along with the energy efficient 1.8kw patented hotplate, Greenplate supply a Stainless Steel door which can be custom manufactured to suit the required openings for access to the BBQ and fat bin.

Why get rid of your existing bench when you can simply just upgrade the hotplate. This severely reduces the initial outlay for asset owners and the energy efficient hotplate will ensure ongoing electrical costs will be kept to a minimum.

Give the team a call today and we can work out the best solution for your desired outcome.

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