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Why the Greenplate BBQ Cooks Food Properly

Greenplate® have designed a radical new method of temperature regulation for their Barbecues. This method uses P.I.D. Control with electric thermocouples and digital temperature readout. This is why the Greenplate BBQ is able to achieve temperatures no other competitor can whilst using up to 50% less energy.

Predictive Mosfet microsecond power adjustment to the element gives far more even heat and adjustment of power to maintain the pre-set temperature.  Even with P.I.D Control and Thermocouple sensing, there is no major improvement over less expensive simpler thermostats if a relay is used.  However, the breakthrough is as follows – when you remove the relay and replace it with predictive Mosfet switching, the P.I.D becomes enormously more effective.

It will now vary the power to the element instead of just switching on or off and it can predict the amount of power required depending on the food load.  For super-fast, super-even, super-efficient heating and reliability, cook with the new revolutionary Greenplate® 300 series now, contact the team to see if we can upgrade your existing BBQ to this new cooking technology.

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