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Greenplate BBQ Sustainability and Recyclability Benefits

Greenplate BBQs are not only sustainable when it comes to their energy efficiency but also during and at the end of the products operating life.

In the below article we look at why this is the case and the benefits of choosing a Greenplate BBQ when it comes to product reliability, recyclability, servicing and operating efficiency.

Product Components

Our BBQ’s Bodies and Cooking Plates are manufactured completely out of Stainless Steel. We don’t cut corners by using plastic or thin stainless with plastic backing. This allows for the complete recyclability of the products body and plate at the end of its life.

The BBQ Element is manufactured from a single piece of Nickle Chrome Wire which is 100% recyclable.

All cable harnesses and internal wiring is manufactured to international standards and is safe to recycle.

Greenplate BBQs are also certified to ROHS 3 international standards. Meaning that all electrical components found within the BBQ are free of hazardous material. This ensures the electrical components are safe not only to recycle but to the people recycling the components at the products end of life.

Operating Efficiency

Since 2004 Greenplate have been producing the most energy efficient park BBQ on the market. Utilising its patented heating technology first developed in Brisbane in the early 2000’s. This arose from the development of a DC operating BBQ that then moved to an AC Electric version. By lowering the products voltage at the heating element increased the amperage. This in conjunction with not having to insulate the element due to the extra low voltage has allowed for increased efficiency and reduced electrical consumption.

Improvements over the years to the products insulation and pan design increased the efficiency further. The heat generated from the heating element is forced upwards through the cooking plate. Therefore no heat is lost.

Greenplate BBQs automatically adjusts the power that is supplied to the element depending on the predicted food load and what is required to maintain the cooking plate temperature. This increases the operating efficiency of the product and also reduces the temperature loss during the BBQs cooking cycle.

Data results taken from registered power meters and Smart BBQ Management Systems have proven the energy efficiency of the product. Greenplate BBQ’s on average use 700-800 watts to cook for 28 minutes. These results are achieved without compromising on cooking performance due to the above-mentioned benefits. Greenplate BBQs even achieve cooking temperatures greater than that of comparable products on the marketplace.

Spare Parts Replacement

Greenplate BBQ’s are backed by an industry best warranty this includes quality after sales services. No matter the age of the BBQ unit we can repair it. This saves on turn over of product and keeps them out of land fill allowing customers to fix BBQ’s units that are up to 20 years old. If it’s one of ours we’ll fix it!

Our spare parts team utilise a if it can be fixed we will fix it approach opposed to unnecessarily upselling customers with a new BBQ.

When designing new BBQ upgrades Greenplate always have previously sold products in mind. This ensures that when new developments are made these can be retrofitted to previously manufactured BBQ chassis. Allowing us to maintain the supply of spare parts for BBQ’s not matter the age.

Continuous Product Development

As a registered Research and Development organization Greenplate continue to utilise cutting edge techniques and technology. Development never stops with a dedicated Research and Development division. This sector of the business continues to push the envelope of what can be developed in the Public BBQ Space.

Results speak for themselves and Greenplate BBQs have been continuously at the forefront of public BBQ development since the first Greenplate BBQ sold to market in 2004.

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