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World First Smart BBQ Monitoring System

The era of technology is here with billions of devices being connected and controlled remotely and Greenplate’s® World First Smart BBQ Monitoring System is here to do just that.

This technology comes in many different forms, such as automated lighting for homes that are being controlled via an application. Sensors to monitor temperatures in refrigerators that are specifically designed to alerts the owner if it drops below a set point to prevent spoilage of food. All of these devices are designed to make both our work and personal life easier and more enjoyable.

Monitoring Systems are now being applied to devices we wouldn’t even think required them. Local Governments are installing Smart Controlled Street Lighting where functionality can be checked remotely via an application to remove the need for maintenance crews to manually check for faults.

Greenplate are at the forefront of this new connected technology with their World First Fully Integrated Smart BBQ Monitoring System.

The system provides continuous updates on the status of the BBQ unit and as a result can display the fat bin level and alert the asset owners of faults with the BBQ. The system also assists in reducing cleaning regimes, maintenance and can also determine BBQ usage. It provides all the information an asset owner requires directly from either his tablet, mobile phone or computer.

Are you are looking to:

  • Drive down maintenance budgets
  • Remove the need for unnecessary cleaning schedules
  • Minimise BBQ downtime
  • Gain more information and knowledge about how the asset is being used

Contact Greenplate for more information regarding the future of BBQ Asset Management Technology.