SMART Light Management System

SMART Lighting

Management of Greenplate Solar street and pathway lighting becomes easy with our LoRaWAN based Smart Management System.

Sensors in each light head transmit and receive information via a series of strategically placed LoRaWAN gateways allowing lighting parameters to be monitored accurately 24/7. These gateways then transmit to a concentrator that in turn sends and receives information via a secure 4G connection

Readings on power consumption, charge ratios and battery charge levels can be viewed on any authorised desktop and/or mobile application.

The system is also two way operational allowing the programming of times and brightness to be adjusted remotely from authorised desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Key Features:

  • Two Way Communication – sensors can send and receive information
  • Fault detection and reporting with notifications
  • Working temperature:  -40°C up to +80°C
  • IP 66 Waterproof rating
  • Easy to set up Dashboard with controls for remote adjustments of on/off times and lighting levels
  • Information on system performance and lighting levels
  • Secure 4G connection from LoRaWAN concentrator back to base
  • Concentrator supports up to 200 light systems
  • Transmission distance from concentrator to base: 2KM up to 15KM with direct line of sight
  • Options include CCTV, Wi-Fi Hotspots and pole mounted USB charging facilities.