Solar Powered LED Lighting – Hinged Pole

  • Solar module monocrystalline high performance 24 volt
  • 40 watt with 24 super high luminance 2 watt LED’s
  • Long life sealed unit construction
  • IP65 rating
  • Constant current operation
  • Suitable for mounting heights up to 8 meters.
  • Galvanized steel solar support frame
  • Automated solar controller
  • Marine grade twin core cabling plus wiring harness
  • Sealed batteries AGM sized for 3-5 day autonomy
  • Optional Powder Coating of Rigid Pole available
  • Remote Monitoring System of Solar Street Light is available


The Greenplate® 40 Watt Solar Street Light is highly efficient, simple to install and extremely reliable.

Our Solar Street Lights are perfect for lighting pathways, council parklands, mining applications, minor roads, carparks and areas where lighting is needed but mains power is not readily available.

Option: Greenplate’s Solar LED Street Lights can now be remotely monitored from the comfort of your office. The system connects a number of Greenplate Solar LED Street Lights over a LoRaWAN Network then back to a centralised receiver which then sends the information to the server. Customers now have full control of their lighting systems with options to remotely adjust on off times, dimming functionalities and respond to faults in real time.

The monitoring system assists local governments and municipalities control their network of Solar Street Lights and significantly reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

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