City Of Joondalup in Western Australia were looking to install new Barbecue’s in one of their very prominent coastal foreshore areas, Iluka.  Much consideration was given to the fact that the Barbecues would be subjected to harsh climatic coastal conditions and therefore would have to be made from quality materials that would stand up to the environment.  Apart from this aspect, Council’s selection criteria was very stringent to ensure that Council were receiving value for money, however not compromising on quality!

Greenplate® were chosen hands down as the successful Supplier owing to the low running costs of their 1.8KW Barbecues which use half the power consumption to that other 3.6KW Barbecues on the market.

Council were also very impressed with how safe Greenplate Barbecue’s through their Patented Technology of converting 240 volts to only 24 volts of power at the hotplate, which creates no chance of electrocution.  There were also a number of other features unique to Greenplate that impressed Council, suffice to say that City of Joondalup now have several Matilda Double Extended Top Barbecue’s installed for the public’s enjoyment at Iluka.  

City of Joondalup have continued to purchase more Barbecues since the inception of the Iluka project and couldn’t be more pleased with their performance.

Remember: if it’s Greenplate it's Great!