Yea Riverside Caravan Park

… is located just off the Goulburn Valley Highway in the town of Yea Victoria. 

The Caravan park boasts a range of accommodation options and facilities creating the perfect environment to enjoy and relax for any age group. Greenplate were extremely excited when Matt Williams the owner of Sustainable Park Solutions asked us to supply them with 2 x Solar LED Street Lights from our new range for the Caravan Park Project.

Greenplate manufactured the split system hinged light poles, out reach arms and accessories allowing for easier shipping and installation. The innovative design of the Street Lights incorporate the battery and solar controller inside the light fitting. This removes the need for obtrusive battery boxes either in the base or mounted at the top of the pole allowing for a slim and straight design.

Yea Riverside Caravan Park are always looking to increase their sustainability only choosing products to save energy where they can. This was already being achieved with the purchase last year of the Greenplate Solar Assisted BBQ Unit. This BBQ feeds excess energy produced from the Solar System back into the Grid.

Greenplate have had nothing but positive feedback since the installation of the Solar Street Lights and Solar Assisted BBQ. These new facilities will add further value for guests staying at the Caravan Park for years to come and will further enhance the environmental sustainability of the park.

Our Product

The Greenplate® 40 Watt Solar Street Light is highly efficient, simple to install and extremely reliable.

Our Solar Street Lights are perfect for lighting pathways, council parklands, mining applications, minor roads, carparks and areas where lighting is needed but mains power is not readily available.